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When one thinks of hip-hop production, Moscow is ordinarily not the first place which springs to mind. Nevertheless, from behind the once mighty Iron Curtain comes Dmitriy Pochtarev (aka Dima "The White Russian"), a young man who stepped out of Moscow and into the Golden Era of hip-hop circa 1994. Having absorbed the sample-heavy production styles of hip-hop's heyday, it was not until the turn of the millennium that Dima discovered his own knack for creating compelling beats from diverse source material. After a number of years spent honing his craft, Dima founded Uni-Fi Records out of Milwaukee and provided a fertile environment for musicians of all kinds to work on their music. After pairing up with KingHellBastard and handling production for their sophomore release "Cups & Bottles", Dima acquired the moniker White Russian as a fitting complement to his heritage and the alcohol-fueled sessions which gave birth to the album. With that record under his belt, The White Russian has gone on to produce, record and engineer songs for artist both local (House of M, KHB, Malicious, DNA, Dana Coppafeel), and nationally known (Sadat X, Akrobatik, Raashan Ahmad, Stricklin of EMC, Action Bronson, MTV Riff Raff), all the while continuing to operate the ever-expanding Uni-Fi Records and further his skills as a producer (2nd Place in 2009 Milwaukee Beatdown, and Finals in 2011). With an ear for unique samples and classic hip-hop beats, The White Russian is a producer with a sonic palette as vast as his homeland.


Da Ricanstrukta


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico this soon to be musician became interested in music at a very young age. Influenced by his father's guitar playing and love for music, he started learning how to play guitar at the age of 12. He then became infatuated with being able to create his own music. From his early heavy death metal days to later making hip hop beats on his mpc, he developed a passion for quality and devoted his love for that true hip hop. Since moving to Madison, WI in 1996 he played in a few death metal bands before deciding to step into the realm of making beats in 2001. In 2003, he linked up with his friend Dana Coppafeel (Milwaukee, WI) who introduced him to stage shows and started a group named Break Bread. He is currently a member of two more groups Lucha Libre and Grand Kombo. In 2006, his devotion for making beats won him the title of champion for the first two beat battles ever to be held in Madison and Milwaukee,WI. He is currently working on a few various projects with Dana Coppafeel and Unifi Records.